About Us

LWH3, Incorporated was formed in 2001. Suffice to say that the company history is an interesting story about different founders, desires and personalities. After some shaking out, the remaining company principals decided to focus on computer and networking support to small businesses, and electronic engineering product design, as they had a desire to build a laser tag system and sell it commercially.

Twenty years later, the laser tag system is on the shelf as a very interesting engineering experience, and the technology support consulting has been wound down significantly as businesses and technology changed.

The principal driving force behind the company has been a model railroader since childhood and after picking the hobby back up in 2004, was amazed at the changes when it came to electronics. He jumped in with both feet, purchasing a Digitrax(c) DCC system and embracing all the wonderful features of command control.

Our first significant model railroad product was adapter boards for the Digitrax PM42 DCC circuit breaker, the SE8c Signal Driver and the BDL168 DCC Block Detection boards. Four different designs were produced and offered to modelers. Over 700 total boards were assembled and sold direct to modelers in around 18 or so months. The designs were sold to Acculites for further production and marketing.

This experience showed that helping modelers quickly handle the necessary but "non-fun" aspects of the hobby was an important market niche. As time went by, we identified additional places where a "helping hand" could increase the amount of time folks spent actually operating their trains by reducing all the back end work that goes with building up a layout. We hope to keep offering our customers elegant solutions to keep them highballing!

Contact Us

We can be reached via email at rick@lccsignals.com