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US&S CTC Column

Many modelers would like to control traffic on their layouts in a more prototypical fashion. Various systems and schmemes have been used over the years and new riffs continue to be developed. Of these systems, only Centralized Traffic Control gives the operator running their train exact permission and allow the dispatchers to use the larger picture for the most effective use of the line.

Until this point, building a physical panel was for only the most committed modelers, as the level of effort and complexity is probably the highest with respect to traffic control systems.

The miles of wire to use, the number of solder terminals to connect, the input and output to the layout, and just the sourcing of the components made this difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

With this solution, you can chain up to 8 CTC Columns connected together, that interface to the LCC DevKit node (The DevKit node is available built from us, or you can assemble yourself). The software updates for support have already been baked into the LCC DevKit software (OpenMRN), so this become an exercise in programming an LCC node.

Radically faster than ever, this solution can revolutionize your operations.

Columns are sold singly. The standard column has a switch lever, a traffic lever, indicators for all of these levers, as well as 3 buttons - Call On, Maintainer Call and Code. Note that the buttons can be used for whatever situation you desire. Each column will also drive 3 LED indicators on your model board.

Price Each: $75.00

CTC Column Board

Quick Signal Adapters

This solution makes connecting that small, fine wire, to you signal system easy and fast. The adapter is a small circuit board that can be either screwed into your benchwork with #4 wood screws, or can be installed into TE Connectivity's SNAPTRACK(c) channel.

Push the spring loaded, orange lever, insert the wire from your signal, and release! A secure and fast connection, with no worries about trying to hold this all in place while you use a tiny screw driver like other competing products.

Each single board will allow you to connect up to 8 lines to your signals. The boards are made to be snapped in half if you need to split up the mounting or if you only need a couple of connections in a location. Connect the 10 pin, (2x5 Digitrax(c) or RR-Cirkits(c) style connection) to your signal driving board using 10 pin ribbon cable.

Boards are sold singly. Due to their light weight and size, we recommend buying at least 4 so it makes sense to use a padded envelope.

Price Each: $4.50. Buy 4: $4.00; $16.00 total.

Each board is labeled with the outputs for reference. Can be used with either Common Anode (+) or Common Cathode (-) signals.

The photo images show these used on my personal layout.

CTC Column Board

Quick Control Panels

Quick Control Panels and Signal Repeaters

Type 11 EZ Control Point and Signal Repeater
Type 11 Live Example

OpenLCB / LCC DevKit I/O Expanders

Big IO Expander - 64 I/Os

Watch this space for new solution announcements!