Model Railroad Signaling Support

Signals can be a great addition to your model railroad, as they add a significant prototypical scenic element and may enable operations from simple to fully prototype. The challenge that has always faced modelers is the difficultly inherint in getting these systems working quickly and easily. Various systems have had their days in the sun over the years and various "roll your own" solutions have always been used, as model train hobbyists are generally a smart bunch. This is acutely seen in club layouts where a club memeber or two designs and implements a custom control system for the layout.

Where this breaks down in ongoing support and maintenance.

The company was founded on the idea that accelerating the "fiddly bits" for modelers would allow each modeler to spend the bulk of their hobby time and resources on the aspects they deeply enjoy, such as operating, scenery, structures, railfanning or just plain running trains around.

Our first major product line were wiring adapters for the Digitrax(c) PM42, SE8c and BDL168 series of products, freeing the modeler from having to invest a bunch of time and frustration into soldering 40 or more wires onto eye loops from a card edge adapter.

We have now made the transition into expanding the solutions available in the Layout Command Control ecosystem. "link to nrma lcc"

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